Saturday, August 2, 2008

Goodbye Pop Up Shop

NYC brand Mishka is having a huge sale at their pop-up shop to commemorate the going away of their pop-up shop to make "room" for a new, more improved, shop in a better location. The sale features 50-75% off some things. Hoodies, Jackets, shorts, t-shirts, hats, EVERYTHING is on sale except the S/S 08 stuff which isn't that much to begin with. Check it out in Williamsburg. I picked up a hat from last season.

From Mishka NYC

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Hybrid Mania!

Nike just rolls out new stuff everyday it seems. Not only have they asserted their spot as the leader of the Olympics, but have been crushing the competition in the stores and Boutiques. Nike revisits the pigeon colorway with these Air Forces. Once again Nike is innovating with the fusion idea, adding AM97 accents to the Air Forces, adapting the tongue and hook to the Forces.

From HighSnobiety

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Friday, August 1, 2008

$15 dollar tees

Shameless Plug: The Clean Clothing Co.

The Clean Clothing Co. is a company based out of New York specializing in deep designs representing cities, urban eras, music, and movements. We are having a clearing sale to move shirts before the 2nd run is printed. There are also new previews on the website:

Newest Preview: Coming September


Pigeon x New Balance?

The Pigeon dunk has already caused world chaos. Releasing in limited quantities, causing lines, etc... Maybe not world chaos but it definitely set the sneaker world on fire, becoming one of the few shoes featured on the news because it sold on ebay for more than 1000 dollars. People gawk at sneaker culture for stuff like that. 

Now, Staple design will be creating a Pigeon New Balance 575. It features the same colors as the dunks, orange and grey on suede, as well as a flying pigeon on the back. Not sure if these can capture as much attention as the dunks did 3 years ago but they're nice


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fusion Fury!

Nike is unleashing their fusion fury this year by mixing Air Forces and various Jordans. I see these everyday on the way to work! Today I present to you the fusion IIIs if you haven't already seen them. $135 will get you these at Jordan Brand retailers.
From Sneakerfiles


The Hundreds 5th Collection

Earlier, I reported on The Hundreds and their 5 year celebration 5th. As we know they have a shop/gallery at the Foreign Family Gallery in LA to commemorate having been in business for 5 years. They are releasing special tees to go along with the celebration. Two of the shirts will be exclusive to the one month pop-up shop 5TH. The shirts mostly outline the history and high points of the hundreds. Click "Read More" to see more pics

From The Hundreds


Sesame Street

If you loved the show THAT much, now you can let everyone know by picking up one of these new Sesame Street New Era 59fiftys. The hats, which would probably go better on your kids or little siblings, feature the Sesame Street logo and the character's name on the bill. In addition, the character's eyes and nose are on the back. Alife pulled it off on a shirt, but I'm not to sure about these hats. 


Patent Dunk High

I'm sure I'm not the first to show you these but I saw them while making my rounds and couldn't help but post them up. I'm a sucker for patent leather and primary colors. I present to you, the Nike Quilted Patent pack dropping on August 8th.

From HighSnobiety


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sprint is G'ing you

Spring is laying down the game like crazy right now. They're charging their customers MORE, to get proper service that they should be providing you in the first place. This is like hiring a maid and he charges you extra to sweep your rooms, clean the sinks and toilets and showers, etc... That's his job (i'm politically correct).

Sprint has released a signal booster base station for 100 bucks, then an extra 5 dollars on your phone bill. It is for people who don't get good reception at home. Instead of upgrading their whole system like any phone company should be doing, they release this to get around spending money to have a legitimate network.

Have fun getting conned by Sprint peopleFrom Phonescoop


Nike Love: Blazer gets Sea Crystal treatment

And I'm loving it. Forget all the other August releases for Nike SB. THIS is the one you need to be looking at. This Nike SB Blazer design brings back memories of the Nike Dunk High SB Sea Crystal with the aqua colored suede. Trust, it's not butter, but suede none the less. The nap actually adds a nice tweak to it. Lastly, the black sets it off. If you liked the Sea Crystals then these aren't too far off. Granted, the blues may not be the same, these will still turn heads.
From HighSnobiety


Get Money

The Hustling Magician clothing company is committed to producing wearable art. With no plans of selling out to mass distribution for a "quick buck" the brand wants to follow the beat of a diferent drum by producing products different than what is in the mass population.

"A 'Hustling Magician' is a unique, stand out individual who never gives up on his/her dreams in life no matter what people might say to discourage them. "Hustling Magician" is all about being unique and going after your dreams. Whatever you dream is GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! never ever give up, just keep hustling and you'll achieve it."

Check it out at


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

?uestlove Goldtoe

I reported on the limited ?uestlove AF1's earlier but now Hypebeast has reported that a limited number of "gold toe" Air Questos will release. 25 to be exact out of the total amount of kicks. Each pair already comes in a box where you can't tell what's inside so the 25 goldtoe's will be randomly distributed.

Alife / ARC - August 1st
158 Rivington Street
New York, NY
F Train - Essex / Delancey


ALIFE Sessions

Alife has stepped it up this summer bringing in artists for sessions such as Three 6 Mafia and even my favorite artist, Nas. To further push their support of music, Alife will be releasing three photo graphic black and white tees today at the store on the Lower East Side. There will be a John Mayer, Q-Tip, and Bun B tee. Available today, Tuesday the 29th.

Alife / Rivington Club
158 Rivington St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 375-8116

From HighSnobiety


Monday, July 28, 2008


LA based The Hundreds is celebrating their 6th year in business or 5 years of business, whichever way you look at it. The Hundreds started back in 2003 (obviously) selling to stores and moved on to online sales in 2004. So far TH has captured a spot as one of the premier brands in this industry. In celebration of 5 years and success, TH is opening a pop-up shop and gallery in LA dedicated to the first five years of The Hundreds. Special 5TH shirts as well as vintage shirts will be sold. The gallery will have old line sheets, pictures, tees, artwork, etc... showcasing the Hundreds of the past. If you're in LA, check it out. Bobby shout me out! Thanks...

From The Hundreds


Air Jordan 6 Rings

Lately I've been disappointed by the Jordan shoes coming out. They will make money regardless because of the people in the hood who buy it just because it says Jordan. But these, these are hot. I didn't like them before and called them a "mashup" of a bunch of different shoes but after these newer pics released, I've fallen in love with them. The new and improved pics of the AJ 6 Rings. Available for preorder on most of the usual sites including Kix-FilesFrom Kicks On Fire



I always thought Oakley sunglasses were for old guys or athletes. But I'd definitely get these. These Oakley Frogskin sunglasses are available at Commonwealth now. They are collectors editions with only 3000 being produced. Have them shipped to your house from Commonwealth

From Commonwealth


Ad and Feature requests

Whats up? If you sent an email to itsblackslife[at] for review for advertising or featuring, please send it again. There was a lapse and all those emails were not received.

That means you execs! Please send again.



I change my mind about these. These are hot but I do feel they are more specific for women and children. The colors used remind me of eBay 0_o

From HighSnobiety


Cuil as in Cool

Some people who used to work at Google have teamed up to create a new, more in depth, more powerful search engine. Cuil pronounced Cool. They claim it can search an index of 102 Billion as opposed to less than a third of that Google can search. They claim. Also, search results come up with a picture and a bunch of information about the subject of the site.

Why this might not work: Google has become THE term for internet search. When someone want's to search for something, they don't say "look it up online", they say "google it". Google has over 60% of the market share.

From Associated Press


Sunday, July 27, 2008

King Stampede @ Boundless

Boundless NY, a very cool boutique in Brooklyn, NY has the newest King Stampede fitteds in stock. What catches the eye is the "Dark Ness" fitted in solid white and black. Not as exciting as the last drop of that fitted but still cool.

Boundless NY
143 Roebling St.
Brooklyn, NY

From Boundless NY


MR BLK 1 of 1s

I finally got my 1 of 1, Nike iD, MR BLK Air Max 90's in the Mail. I actually got them last week. Shipping was quick, it only took 3 weeks even though my package got misrouted in Alaska (What the hell). These were customed at the NikeID studio on 57th street in New York. When you custom there, you get exclusive colors and materials instead of just the patent they have on

They feature Nubuck and Glaze Pull Up as well as Laser Blue, Sunburst, Asphalt, and grey.

From me



SneakerPimps is big. SneakerPimps will be holding a show in Los Angeles on August 1st. SneakerPimps is a traveling, international, sneaker and lifestyle show.

What REALLY catches the eye about this is that Public Enemy, yes, Public Enemy and Wu Tang's Ghostface Killa will be performing. Now you see why I said SneakerPimps is big. In the past they've had Nas, The Clipse, The Cool Kids, Slick Rick, and DJ Premier. Major acts.

Crash Masnion LA
1024 S. Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90015

From Sneakerpimps