Friday, May 1, 2009

Vitamin Water x New Era x Secret Society

Secret Society has teamed up with Vitamin Water and New Era to produce exclusive hats. The result is nothing short of amazing... These promo-only hats utilize only the most supreme materials including Cashmere uppers and bill and a satin underbill. All this adds up to a price worth around $100. "Vitamin Water" is written on the upper with the flavor written on the underbill. Check out the pictures below.

Via. Strictly Fitteds

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Baby Talks Lil' Wayne and Kissing on the Lips

Baby speaks on being gay *cough* *cough* I mean... Kissing Wayne on the lips back in 2002.

Now he goes "That's my son. If he was right here I'd kiss him again". What is up with all this open flaming homosexuality in the rap community from Kanye to Baby and Wayne... Now, homosexuality, whatever. FLAMING homosexuality I think is inappropriate in ANY setting because it's over the top and that's the point where you're forcing something on other people.

Keep in mind, Wayne isn't really his son (in blood). If anything, that relationship is something that was built through music and entertainment... So the kissing on the lips means there's something behind the scenes going on. Someone dig up the medical records like they did to Pac...

Verdict: Wayne and Baby are both gay. Kanye gets called gay by default (sorry ye).

From NahRight


Nas Will Rock thru the Nas Kelis Divorce

It looks like Kelis' Milkshake brought Nas to the yard and probably a ton of other buys (I'd probably go too) but now that chapter is at an end. Will they get back together, or will the Nas Kelis Divorce go through and end all. The Nas Kelis Divorce chapter is going to be a turbulent one.

But... Being the Nas fan that I am, I still think Nas will rock through the divorce with Kelis.


50¢ Responds to Rick Ross the "Bawss" selling 158,000

The numbers came in on Wednesday. Neilsen Soundscan is reporting that Rick Ross has moved 158,000 copies of "Deeper Than Rap" (sorry Ricky I pirated it and loved every minute of it). What's even more alarming is that this sold more than Jadakiss' "The Last Kiss" which sold around 150,000. "Deeper Than Rap" debuted at number 1. That's freaking right. Number 1.

Then came the whole scandal about Ross dissing Eminem, then Banks (bitchass) getting involved... Whatever the drama may be, Eminem is trash and Ross called him a "honkey"... Big deal. It's between 50 and Ross so I actually agree they should leave Eminem out of it. I digress (did I use that right?).

Check the video to see how Fif feels. Doesn't seem like he caught any feelings. That would be too easy...


Stussy x Stones Throw

Stussy, known for teaming up with people and their iconic and curvy font, has teamed up with Stones Throw records to make four tees out of two designs and two colorways for their 2009 tour. Two will be sold on the Stones Throw US Tour and the other two will be sold at Stussy shops.

Big ups to @stonesthrow up on that Twitter. It's funny how my title has that typical "Brand x Brand" format... What has the world become.

Via. Stones Throw

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Respect My Conglomerate (Video)

And there you have it.


Nas and Kelis = No More = Divorce = Wasted Tat

We all know Nas is the greatest emcee to grace the microphone but he just can't seem to get it right. Count another failed relationship for Nas. He can't seem to stop knocking women up and breaking up with them in the process.

Our beloved Kelis has broken it off with the G.O.A.T. of rap and it's official via the papers below via Vibe.

Sidenote: As you see in the picture above, Nas has a tattoo of Kelis on his arm. What a waste. That's the ultimate loss in my opinion.

Source: Vibe


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Throw It Back... M3 Time...

Some of you might know that I'm a BMW fanatic. I have vowed to never buy another type of car, am getting one as my first car, and love them all even the classic ones. So here, I'm throwing it back for you to show you guys that any car can be appreciated when done right. I know you remember this from back in the day.


Looks Like We Just Got Set Back 200 years

Ugggh... Freaking black people...


Rakim Allah Interview

The G.O.A.T. Rakim influenced all your favorite rappers somehow. Check him out in this interview. And while you're at it, cool out to a quick song by Rakim. This one's for the ladies.

Locking in,

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