Saturday, August 23, 2008

DIamond Supply Co. Sneakers

Diamond Supply Co., based out of LA, is quite the large brand now. Usually most brands expand out into cut n sew from t-shirts but Diamond has made strides in other areas such as accessories and now, sneakers. Diamond Supply Co. will be releasing sneakers into the mainstream in "January/February 2009". The sneakers have a modified "vans-esque" look with the usual rubber sole and one piece upper. The lace hole lining is leather and the upper features what seems to be canvas (I could be wrong). Also on the upper is the kicker... A diamond. A Diamond is printed on the upper! That's what set's the sneakers off from anything else out there. The colorway, although simple, is still clean as hell: Black/White/Tiffany. Expect more updates on these.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

NikeiD Air Force 1

Back in the days before NikeiD moved to Niketown on 57th and 5th and it was at 255 Elizabeth, you needed an invite to even get in. They held a monthly raffle and gave out two I think. You could bring one other person with you and they got an invite and so did you when you visited (so you could come back). If you were lucky enough to even get an invite, you still couldn't customize any shoe. Dunks and Air Maxes were allowed as well as some other ugly shoes but Air Force 1s were limited to celebrities and VIP only.

I guess that's history because today, you can customize Air Forces on Nike Sportswear. There's a plethora of materials to use, even patent leather. However, they have limited quantities to a certain number per day. So get them early. And remember, Beaverton is in Oregon and there's a time difference. Hint Hint.

From Nike Sportswear


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daves Quality Meat - Fall Fitteds

Daves Quality Meat is one of the local premier boutiques in New York City, being the carrier of some of the rarest sneakers to release with their Teir 0 account. Although they aren't as much known for their clean and simple t-shirts, DQM fitteds have always been good money if you want a hat. The workers in the shop are friendly and will be cool unlike SOME shops in the area (you know what I'm talking about). And sometimes you can see Dave in there with a skateboard and his afro.

This fall DQM is releasing new fitteds shown below. Although the embroidery is clean and simple, DQM always comes with a clean pattern and this time it seems to be a crosshatched type of sketch pattern. It's available in Blue/Red, Grey/Yellow, and Black/Black and will be available of course at DQM in September.

From The Hundreds


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diamond Supply Co. ~ Back To School (BTS) on Wed!

This Wednesday, Diamond Supply Co. will be dropping part 1 of their "Back To School" line online at The drop consists of the Diamond Life and State of Mind tees in black and white. Although simple, the Diamond Life shirt is clean if you're into tees. The upcoming parts are sure to be wallet predators. This drops on Wednesday, August 20th at 12:00PM PST which is 3PM EST. Check the flyer:

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Monday, August 18, 2008

College and ALIFE sunglasses

I'm still doing college stuff. I'll be back fully this week as time permits! In the meanwhile, check out the new Alife sunglasses releasing. Alife sent out an email eariler detailing the newest release. The sunglasses are the result of a collaboration with Italian company Retrosuperfuture. Each pair features handmade frames and Carl Zeiss lenses. The glasses are limited to 80 pairs per color and come in Blue, Purple, Red, and Black. Click "Read More" for more pics.

These will be available at Alife NYC, Tokyo, LA, and Vancouver and select Alife retailers in America. Click "Read More" for more pics.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm going mobile until tomorrow since I'm in the 4th largest city in America moving into college. But here's my Olympic roundup.

1. Shawn Johnson is a cute one... Until March :-(
2. Michael Phelps is a phenomenon. I'm glad I saw this in my lifetime
3. Jason Lezak is an underrated hero
4. Jamaica runs your country. Lightning BOLT.
5. Natalie Coughlin and Rebecca Soni are cute (and BIG) ones.
6. No homo but mens gymnastics is just as interesting as womens.