Saturday, August 23, 2008

DIamond Supply Co. Sneakers

Diamond Supply Co., based out of LA, is quite the large brand now. Usually most brands expand out into cut n sew from t-shirts but Diamond has made strides in other areas such as accessories and now, sneakers. Diamond Supply Co. will be releasing sneakers into the mainstream in "January/February 2009". The sneakers have a modified "vans-esque" look with the usual rubber sole and one piece upper. The lace hole lining is leather and the upper features what seems to be canvas (I could be wrong). Also on the upper is the kicker... A diamond. A Diamond is printed on the upper! That's what set's the sneakers off from anything else out there. The colorway, although simple, is still clean as hell: Black/White/Tiffany. Expect more updates on these.
From Hypebeast Forums via. Diamond

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