Friday, August 29, 2008

Watermelon Hats! Wow!

A lot of brands have been stepping it up as of late by coming out with unseen things. I'm not saying I'd actually rock a watermelon hat, don't get me wrong. it's definitely not my steez. Estate LA is known for their fitteds, and it's only fitting that this would be releasing. A Watermelon hat. But... Here's the kicker... If you remember the tearaway vandals that came out a while back, they use the same tearaway style. If you are a sneaker-fool, tearaway is where there are two layers and after the first one gets cut or worn away, a new layer is under that with a whole new graphic. Here, we have green watermelon on the outside and inside nice and red with seeds. Creative. Only 24 will be available on August 31st on the Estate LA website From Hypebeast


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Supreme Fall / Winter 08

Supreme, yet another quality New York brand, has put up their Fall / Winter 08 preview today. A lot of brands seem to be stepping up up nowadays because Supreme has previewed a collection of things from denim to boxing gloves... Wow...

The collection will be available at the NY and LA locations on Thursday September 4th and online on Monday September 8th after 11AM EST. Check it out at


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hundreds Fall 08 Up For Sale

The Hundreds has been getting a lot of exposure for their eclectic Fall 08 collection. It consists of the usual t-shirts but also includes denim as well as cut n sew and sweatshirts and hoodies. Previously available on Digital Gravel and The Fizix, it is not available on the actual website of the Hundreds. Check it out at


Mysteries of the Detox: Dr. Dre

And you thought the Detox wasn't coming out before! Now... It's been reported according to All Hip Hop that Dr. Dre's son (and namesake) has died at the youthful age of 20. On Saturday, Andre Young Jr. son of Andre Young Sr. aka Dr. Dre was found by his mother unresponsive and was pronounced dead. The cause of death is unknown but it is known that Dre Jr. came in at about 5:30AM from a night out and died at 10:00AM. Could it have been the infamous styrofoam cup which has caused the tragic deaths of people such as DJ Screw and probably Pimp C? What does this mean to the Detox? Nobody knows but this will surely put a damper to the already delayed album.

From AllHipHop


Nike "Scribble" Dunk

Now, this is my blog. Although there have been some people with "clout" reading it, I am still entitled to my own opinion right? Sorry Beaverton but I don't think these will be that popular amongst consumers. These dunks, releasing right in time for kids to go back to school, feature one of the wildest colorways and patterns I've ever seen. Featuring a crayon scribble pattern on the upper and yellow midsole, check, and laces, these sneakers are somewhat wild. I just don't see people wearing it. Check them out.

From Sneakerfiles


Atmos and Helly Hansen

Have teamed up yet again to produce some bright colored jackets and some t-shirts, according to Hypebeast. The collection which will be available on September 13th consists of the Saltrun Jacket, Grotti Jacket, Balder Jacket, and t-shirts. Japanese boutique Atmos has teamed up with HH in the past to produce quality jackets so expect the same quality here and colors that aren't found in the regular sportswear stores. Click "Read More" to see more pictures.

From Hypebeast