Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mysteries of the Detox: Dr. Dre

And you thought the Detox wasn't coming out before! Now... It's been reported according to All Hip Hop that Dr. Dre's son (and namesake) has died at the youthful age of 20. On Saturday, Andre Young Jr. son of Andre Young Sr. aka Dr. Dre was found by his mother unresponsive and was pronounced dead. The cause of death is unknown but it is known that Dre Jr. came in at about 5:30AM from a night out and died at 10:00AM. Could it have been the infamous styrofoam cup which has caused the tragic deaths of people such as DJ Screw and probably Pimp C? What does this mean to the Detox? Nobody knows but this will surely put a damper to the already delayed album.

From AllHipHop

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