Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Hundreds for Bun B via. Premium Goods

It seems nowadays more people are collaborating with more people. Bun B, although famous, is still for the streets and collaborated with The Hundreds to bring this shirt to his hometown: Houston, TX. This shirt is limited to 150 pieces and will be exclusively sold by Premium Goods Houston. The Brooklyn location doesn't even get it. Click Read More for more Pics

Goes for Sale at Premium Goods Houston at 10:00AM on December 27th, 2008. Phone orders are also accepted.

(713) 523-8825
2416 Times Boulevard
Houston, TX

From The Hundreds Blog


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mishka 50% - 75% off Warehouse Sale

OMGWTFBBQ. Mishka is having another Warehouse Sale!!! It begins tomorrow at 9AM and lasts until Sunday at 7PM. The early bird catches the worm! So if you're like me, you'll be trekking out to the hood of Brooklyn, get off at that Marcy Ave stop on the J train, and hit up the warehouse sale tomorrow morning. mmmmhmmm.


City sights

I think I'm going to start a new section called "Outside Looking In" because I live in NYC and I've stomped damn near every block below 86th street between all the avenues. I've been to Brooklyn, and Queens, and even Staten and Long Islands. The thing is, I see a lot of stuff that I look over. So what I've been doing is to try to be an outsider and actually look at stuff and appreciate it. And this is first. This Keith Haring mural on the wall is on East Houston down in So/Noho. Somewhere before Elizabeth street. Check it out. If you have any to send in, email me at itsblackslife (at) cleanclothingny (dot) com


Friday, December 12, 2008

Mighty Healthy - Holiday 2008

This is why I like Mighty Healthy. Besides being a New Yorker myself, Mighty Healthy makes clothing representing a lot of stuff that, if I made clothing too, I'd represent. This Holiday 2008 collection is a bit heavy and might not be for everyone but it has a message. A lot of stuff out there (even by our favorite brands) mean absolutely nothing. That means, the $30 you paid for that t-shirt didn't have the thought process behind it to warrant paying that much money. Smarten up. (I can't lie I do it too.)

Check out this Mighty Healthy 2008, and you can pick it up at or at their retailers. Click "Read More" for more pics.

Pics and info from C To The JL


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EPMD in 2008 - We Mean Business

EPMD has been about their biz since before I was born. From Strickly Business to Back in Business, EPMD has been kicking out music that has helped define rap music and hip hop. EPMD is back from the 90s when they used to kick out hits like "Jane" and "Please Listen to my Demo" about adventures in New York City.

Their newest album, "We Mean Business," dropped yesterday to a generation of listeners who aren't quite familiar with who EPMD actually is and how their beats have been repeatedly sampled today. Whether the Soulja Boy generation will receive Eric and Parrish well is beyond me but pick that album up.


Brief Intermission

After being bombarded with, arguably, the most work I've ever been given; I'm back in action after a few weeks. It's funny because this week is finals week. We'll see but I've got some stuff for the readers!

Check back later today and tomorrow.

The Undrgrnd is dropping soon also!


Friday, November 21, 2008

2000 / 5000

What do these numbers have in common? Well. Nothing. Except that they are both part of the stats for this blog. Thank you for helping this blog reach over 2000 views this month alone (and theres still 2 weeks left to it!) Also, it's reached over 5000 overall views since it's creating in August. Too Legit to Quit. Thanks for reading and I hope it keeps you up to date.

Stay up.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mini Cooper - Electric Car

Remember the Jetsons? This has nothing to do with that, mainly because this new car can't fly. However, it's still cool because it's fully electric. BMW Group (more specifically Mini) is releasing an all electric car called the "Mini E." As outlandish as it may sound, you will be seeing one on the street very soon.

BMW is launching a pilot program where, 500 lucky participants will get to buy and use these cars in daily traffic (in select markets such as New York, New Jersey, and California.) Now for the car talk. It's powered by a 156mi range Lithium Ion battery that you plug in to recharge. It packs 204 horses at 220 Newton Meters and goes from 0 to 100 in 8.5 seconds. Case in point: it's a real car. It's no M3. However, it's still a real car. And for the people trying to save the world as well as those too slow to notice, it's ZERO emissions. Click "Read More" for more pics from BMW Blog, our favorite BMW Blog

From BMW Blog



Supreme and Bad Brains pt. 2

After the rigors of an absolutely horrendous Chemistry test, I walked back to my room after the failure I call my attempt only to be greeted by a Supreme email. It proved to be quite an important Supreme email as a matter of fact.

Supreme announced their release of the 2nd installment of the Bad Brains collaboration into their online shop. This 2nd installment consists of two tee-shirts with artwork from Bad Brains as well as a hoodie. In addition to the collaboration release, a third delivery of Fall/Winter t-shirts will be released. All items release at the NY, LA, and web stores on November 24th at 11AM EST as usual. Click "Read More" for more pics.


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Dedication 3 is out

I damn sure know I'm not late on this one. I'm at the front of the world in downloading this. The Dedication 3 has been out for a few days. I know there are at least 10 million Lil' Wayne fans out there who want this. Download it. Listen to it. Take your opinions.

I'll put it like this. Another Lil' Wayne HIGH mixtape. This was when he was good. He's all synthesized though.

Link to the Torrent.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Hundreds Rosewood Fitted

Funny. Today, I was making my rounds and I hit up The Hundreds blog. Usual stuff, nothing special. Then later on I reached Strictly Fitteds who reported on The Hundreds' new TH x New Era Rosewood fitted collab and how The Hundreds snuck it into their blog entry. Hidden slyly in a picture on the Hundreds Blog is their Rosewood New Era. Check it out below. Cool stuff.

From The Hundreds / Strictly Fitteds


Diamond Supply General Release - I know I'm late

Yeah I know I'm late. These came out at 2:00PM PST today. And since it's a general release, they're still on the site, not sold out, for the most part. Nothing we haven't seen yet. Retails for 34-36 per Tee and 80 per hoodie.

From Diamond Supply Co.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Apple Store in New York City: 67th & Broadway

Unexpectedly, Apple is opening yet another Apple Store on the island of Manhattan, more specifically on 67th Street & Braodway (1981 Broadway) where the Victoria's Secret used to be. This new building spreads their presence on the island a little more upward since their stores at the moment are all in mid to lower Manhattan. The new store joining Apple's repertoire is expected to launch in late 2009 to early 2010. Click "Read More" for more pics.

From AppleInsider

This store is surprising because it's weird that Apple hasn't found a Brooklyn or Queens location to open a store. A location in Williamsburg, or Long Island City would be a good option because of the thriving art culture that has been in this area for years now.


Play Cloths Launch? Whaaaat

Damn Play Cloths has been long awaited. Play Cloths is a venture by brothers Malice and Pusha T, of the duo The Clipse. It only fits that Norfolk store Cmonwealth would be holding their launch party. Play Cloths has been seen mostly on celebrities such as N*E*R*D artists as well as The Clipse themselves. Widely expected to be clean like the new style of BBC and Ice Cream, Play Cloths should be legit. Check out more pictures by clicking "Read More"

All pics from Play Cloths blog. Release info from Commonwealth


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Katt Williams Arrested on Gun Charges

Famous (and funny) comedian Katt Williams who is set to release his new DVD "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'" this coming Tuesday was arrested this past Thursday by the usual jerk NYPD cops on gun charges. After police became suspicious of a Cadillac Escalade with no plates parked on West 28th and Broadway (What the hell were you doing in that dirty-ass area Katt?!?!), an investigation came up with 3 guns. Katt and his Entourage were arrested. He spent the better part of Thursday in jail and court and posted bail shortly before performing Carnegie Hall.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Supreme and Miles Davis

Miles Davis. If you guys haven't discovered the blessing known as Pandora, you need help. Pandora some Miles Davis if you don't know his music. Listening to Miles Davis helps me study. Davis is a jazz artist and Supreme will be doing a collection to commemorate him and his extraordinary career, more specifically the 50th anniversary of his album "Kind Of Blue". It released in stores today, November 6th and will release online on November 10th at The pack includes t-shirts of course, and Sony Music will be re-releasing three remastered records of Davis': Kind Of Blue, Nefertiti, and On The Corner.

From Slam X Hype and Supreme Email


BMW CS cancelled...

The BMW CS, the Concept car that BMW was planning to launch in competition with all the excessive sedans in the market such as the Benz CLS has been canceled. The car made it's North American debut at the New York International Auto Show in my home city in March and was Globally debuted at the Shanghai auto show in 2007. The car was supposed to combine the exhilarating experience of driving a sports car with the luxury of a touring sedan. As we know, America's economic downturn has caused them to cancel the release of the CS. This was revealed in a conference call about BMW's 3Q Report.

From Carscoop / BMW Blog - Click "Read More" for more pics.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New approach

Damn. It's been 11 days since I posted. Honestly I don't want to let this go stagnant but college has got me locked down on some next level.

I want to take a new approach though. It's still Black's life but clothes just aren't my main interest anymore. Neither are sneakers. I've become a music enthusiast, reapproaching all music starting in the early 80s and expanding all the way to the early 90s. I've been analyzing it all for while and forming opinions. There's more to music than Jay-Z and Soulja Boy.

I've also gotten into cars. I've always been a BMW enthusiast but since I'm about to cop a car this coming summer, I've gotten into it heavy so I can know what I'm doing.

Expect to see more of this stuff.

Type rest of the post here


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Diamond Supply Co - Thursday

Diamond Supply Co is releasing another one of their staggered drops tomorrow. This drop features two designs in 4 colorways (2 each). The "Beware of False Prophets" design holds a story behind it and also sends a decent message. I hate shirts that mean nothing by the way. The I'm from Cali design that will be released is definitely a regional thing so I won't be buying that (I'm from the BEAST coast! Hold that!).
Releasing tomorrow, Thursday October 16th at 12PST which is 3PM to my east coast heads and if you're in between figure it out.

From Diamond / Hypebeast


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New MacBooks

Apple, the premier electronics company in America (and probably the world), has sucessfully infiltrated my generation. I can't walk into the library at college without seeing Apple laptops. Everyone's got an iPod or iPhone (I just lost mine by the way).

Today, Apple has released new MacBooks and MacBook Pros featuring new design, processors, features, etc... Starting it off, these are unlike anything you've seen before. Although the design is similar to the Macbook Air utilizing the new one piece design, the inside is very different. Apple has stepped away from the famous "Intel Inside" to new Nvidia processors. What this means, is the company that makes the graphics cards for your laptops also makes the main processor now. There also are hard drive upgrades. Pricing stays generally the same. The new design isn't tapered around the sides like the MacBook air. Let me stop talking, check it out on


Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Air Jordan Nike Fusions

Wow, it's been a week. College rules my life. Anyway, back on that sneaker tip...

Nike just doesn't stop. As much as us sneaker purists are against the fusions, people in the hood go "Ohhhh snap! New Jays!" and buy these fusions. The fusions seem like a good idea but execution wise, they just don't float my boat. Here we've got fusion IXs (From Sneakerfiles). Most poeple don't even know what IXs are.

From Sneakerfiles.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Charles Hamilton

To the naked eye, this kid seems crazy. From his name Sonic the Hedgehog to his theory on God being a woman, it's hard to imagine he's the next crazy rapper. But he's not that bad so listen up.


Diamond Supply Co. x Mighty Healthy

I will own both of these "within the next couple weeks." Just a heads up... Also, other tees and possibly hats coming.

From Diamond / Hypebeast


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Termanology - Politics As Usual

Sure I'm partial against Massachusetts, but I love New York. Anyway, Termanology, a Massachusetts bred rapper, is definitely one of the leaders of the new-school of rap, showing ring-tone rappers (and Wayne) how it's done. I previewed to you his track with Bun B, "How We Rock" so you already know he's legit if one of the foremost legends in Rap can cosign dude.

His album, Politics as Usual is out today, the 30th. With production by the most prominent DJ out right now, DJ Premier, as well as The Alchemist, the album is a good debut. I listened to it. It's got some gritty tracks and some more modern ones. It's no Illmatic but still worth it.

Termanolgy ft. Bun B - "How We Rock"


DQM does Fall 08

DQM is doing it. Fall 08 is in full effect as the leaves start to change and things start to get cooler. DQM is doing the whole fall things with t-shirts, hats, and jackets. Check out the pictures below. You aready know where to pick it up:

Dave's Quality Meat
7 East 3rd Street
New York, NY

From Hypebeast


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cardan ft. Swizz Beats and Red Cafe - Billion Dollar Shift

Hot song. Off that DJ White Owl - Drop That 33 Mixtape.

Pick that mixtape up.


Purple Flightposite 1

Remember when purple wasn't cool? They flamed the purple telletubby for being a flamer... But now it's cool. So check out these purple Flightposite 1s, which will be releasing on October 11th. They feature a purple gradient upper and the usual zipper top with black lining and black midsole. And there's some grey in there. October 11th.
From Sneakerfiles


New Era goes into Politics

New Era is quite the versatile brand because it seems the company adapts to anything going on in society and the industry, more specifically. As we all know, 2008 is a big year for politics and this is one of the most publicized presidential elections. New Era is into politics? Yes. The company has made hats to suit your personal preference (the real question is how many they made more of ha ha). Democrat? Boom, we got your donkey on the front of a blue hat. Republican? Boom, we got your Elephant on the front of a red hat. I guess if you're into politics, this is one of the few ways to let em know, or maybe impress a girl by striking up intellectual conversation. Click "Read More" for more pics.
From Strictly Fitteds


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Mighty Healthy Fall 08

Mighty Healthy, which happens to be quite a mighty healthy brand based out of The City (New York City), has slowly been rolling out their Fall 08 stuff. It's starting to pop up everywhere. These are quality products (if they weren't why would I post them?) and fall in line with the same Mighty Healthy persona of designs with a point. One Anthem has stocked it so check it out at One Anthem. Click "Read More" for more pics. Use DISCOUNT CODE BK208 for 20% off.

From Mighty Healthy / One Anthem