Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New MacBooks

Apple, the premier electronics company in America (and probably the world), has sucessfully infiltrated my generation. I can't walk into the library at college without seeing Apple laptops. Everyone's got an iPod or iPhone (I just lost mine by the way).

Today, Apple has released new MacBooks and MacBook Pros featuring new design, processors, features, etc... Starting it off, these are unlike anything you've seen before. Although the design is similar to the Macbook Air utilizing the new one piece design, the inside is very different. Apple has stepped away from the famous "Intel Inside" to new Nvidia processors. What this means, is the company that makes the graphics cards for your laptops also makes the main processor now. There also are hard drive upgrades. Pricing stays generally the same. The new design isn't tapered around the sides like the MacBook air. Let me stop talking, check it out on Apple.com

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