Friday, November 21, 2008

2000 / 5000

What do these numbers have in common? Well. Nothing. Except that they are both part of the stats for this blog. Thank you for helping this blog reach over 2000 views this month alone (and theres still 2 weeks left to it!) Also, it's reached over 5000 overall views since it's creating in August. Too Legit to Quit. Thanks for reading and I hope it keeps you up to date.

Stay up.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mini Cooper - Electric Car

Remember the Jetsons? This has nothing to do with that, mainly because this new car can't fly. However, it's still cool because it's fully electric. BMW Group (more specifically Mini) is releasing an all electric car called the "Mini E." As outlandish as it may sound, you will be seeing one on the street very soon.

BMW is launching a pilot program where, 500 lucky participants will get to buy and use these cars in daily traffic (in select markets such as New York, New Jersey, and California.) Now for the car talk. It's powered by a 156mi range Lithium Ion battery that you plug in to recharge. It packs 204 horses at 220 Newton Meters and goes from 0 to 100 in 8.5 seconds. Case in point: it's a real car. It's no M3. However, it's still a real car. And for the people trying to save the world as well as those too slow to notice, it's ZERO emissions. Click "Read More" for more pics from BMW Blog, our favorite BMW Blog

From BMW Blog



Supreme and Bad Brains pt. 2

After the rigors of an absolutely horrendous Chemistry test, I walked back to my room after the failure I call my attempt only to be greeted by a Supreme email. It proved to be quite an important Supreme email as a matter of fact.

Supreme announced their release of the 2nd installment of the Bad Brains collaboration into their online shop. This 2nd installment consists of two tee-shirts with artwork from Bad Brains as well as a hoodie. In addition to the collaboration release, a third delivery of Fall/Winter t-shirts will be released. All items release at the NY, LA, and web stores on November 24th at 11AM EST as usual. Click "Read More" for more pics.