Saturday, August 9, 2008

LL Cool J - Exit 13

LL Cool J, the rapper out of Hollis who, almost 25 years ago was introduced to the rap game by Def Jam, is releasing a new album called Exit 13. LL Cool J, the first rapper to go Platinum 10 consecutive times is hoping to at least reach gold like his last two albums with this new album that releases on August 26th. The album which was originally slated for release in 2006, is chocked full of collaborations. Make sure to pick that up.

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Air Jordan Olympian released

Everybody's trying to profit off the Olympics somehow. What happened to the days when people used to just watch some track and field or Olympic ping pong? I don't remember those days either because as far back as I can remember there are Olympic themed sneakers. In this day and age we see the the Air Jordan Olympian. Eastbay has sent out an email saying they have dropped the Air Jordan Olympian. The sneakers feature an Olympic theme with remnants of kicks such as the AJ10 and AJ11. The sneakers are colored in an American colorway for Olympic pride (United We Rise). There is also a cheaper colorway of all black which looks good for balling in. $134.99 at Eastbay.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Hypebeast launches Hypetrak

Today, I went on Hypebeast and to my surprise I noticed something in the top corner. A new link? Yeah I clicked it. Hypebeast added a link for Hypetrak, their music blog. I'm going to be honest and say I never knew this existed, if it already did. Anyway, the blog features strictly music and music industry entries, just like Hypebeast features clothing and sneaker entries. Judging from the front page it seems reasonable to add this to your list of music blogs to check. Click Here to check it out

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Hundreds Fall 08 up on Digital Gravel

The amount of people viewing this blog has become so big I can't really tell if everyone here knows about Digital Gravel. Digital Gravel is an online store that has recently dropped the talked-about Fall 08 collection of The Hundreds. There will be more to come also, this is only the start of it.

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Infrared Air Max 90

I remember when I first got into non-Jordans, these were the first kicks I bought. The Infrared Air Max 90's. It's spelled Infra-red, not infa-red by the way. I beat them into the ground, so thank God they're being retroed. The mudguard on the retros isn't the same, its made out of darker/deeper material. These will be released tomorrow at your usual Tier-0 retailers. In New York I guess we can expect these at Alife, DQM, and Recon? Who knows. Some even speculate these will pop up at Quickstrike retailers and even Urban Accounts.

The differences will be that the inner liner is now premium leather, The mudguard is a darker ostrich skin, The upper is nubuck instead of suede, among other changes.

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Alife / ARC
158 Rivington Street
F Train: Delancey - Essex

Daves Quality Meat
4 East 3rd Street
6 Train: Astor Place or Bleecker
R/W Trains: 8th Street, NYU

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Hundreds Fall / Winter

The Hundreds blog has been updated with an entry that simply says "The seasons are changing" and some pics. I'm smart enough to put two and two together and realize that what they posted was their fall/winter stuff. The LA brand presents an eclectic mix of clothes including: jeans, vests, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, sweaters, and shirts. It's that diversity that makes The Hundreds one of the premier streetwear brands.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

College is the anti-christ

As much as we all need college, I'm almost convinced it's the anti-christ. Check my invoice out. And this is only for the first semester. I have to do the same thing over again in January. SMH.


Asics Gel Lyte III Mita

I went to DQM to get the old Mita release with Asics. They didn't have my size, only a half size up and a half size down. Neither one fit me. SMH. Oh well DQM is THAT store to go to. Enough of that.

Mita has teamed up with Asics again to present these metallic colored Gel Lyte IIIs. Most people aren't up on these an won't buy them. Suckass. Now you can be up on it and stop sucking Nike and Adidas and Reebok. The midsole includes that same Mita "cookies n cream" pattern and these have polka dot accents on their uppers.
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Mishka Online Exclusives

Brooklyn based Mishka has teamed up with MCA of Evil Design to release two online exclusive tees. The shirts both come in two colors: black and white. There are only 20 shirts per color. So we're talking 80 total if you couldn't do the math. I know it's early in the morning... One shirt transforms the beloved Mr. T into a bear who couldn't give a damn. The other shirt features Pizza Face. Crazy. Available for $31.99 More pics can be seen by clicking "read more"

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Monday, August 4, 2008

SoleCollector: AF1 Archive

The Sole Collector archive project started with Air Jordans. It was only fitting that way. A lot of sneaker aficionados start with Jordans in their addiction. Sole Collector has recently launched their Air Force 1 archive which contains over 440 Air Force 1s. Sole Collector's AJordanXI has added details of every shoe's box information, release year and other important facts. The archive consists of sneakers from 1982 to 2008

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1-877-DUNKD-ON ( Hyperdunk Recovery )

I've neglected my readers all weekend. I cannot neglect you guys anymore by not posting the newest Hyperdunk Recovery Video, found on youtube. This video features our man Todd. Although the name seems dramatically misplaced, we can't do anything about it. His name is Todd. You know what. Watch the latest Hyperdunk Recovery Video featuring Todd. If you need help, please dial 1-877-DUNKD-ON and start the healing process today.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Brown races again

Big Brown. The name a lot of people would rather not hear. The large brown thoroughbred horse that bombed at the Belmont stakes, with over $5Mil riding on him, raced again at the Haskell in Monmouth Park New Jersey. After his lackluster performance with jockey Kent Desormeaux at the Belmont stakes, Big Brown came back at the Haskell to win by about a 1 3/4 horse lengths, with a Mil riding on him this time. Big Brown has asserted himself again as a true thoroughbred competitor.

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