Friday, January 16, 2009

Circuit City: Closed

"Updating". Right... Circuit City, one of the worlds largest electronic retailers and popular Black Friday "hangout" spot is gone. Closed. Kaputz. After filing for Bankruptcy protection back in November, Circuit City has not been able to bounce back and has clearly failed. After having it's stock dropping 90% since early 2008, the company will unleash another 30,000 workers into the unemployed masses.

Guess it's time to shop at Best Buy.

From the NY Times


Mishka: Obama Shirt - Brilliant

No drumroll. Brilliant idea of the week / month so far goes to Mishka for this shirt. It's fly, more fly than US Airways and the Hudson river. Mishka openly admits that they have caved into the pressure of all underground brands to produce an Obama shirt. But, in normal, jaded, Mishka fashion, they have produced this. What other than a blue lambo with blue wheels better represents the times we live in?

Click this link to check it out. Click "Read More" below the pic for another picture. Yeah. I bought one.


Soulja Boy Gay? Exposed

Damn. Mr. Yahh Bitch Yahh might be a closet homo (excuse me). I've always suspected it but... Now a video of a guy claiming Soulja Boy's love? Mr. Soulja Boy might soon get flamed nationally for being an undercover homo. If you're going to be a homo, be a homo don't try to front on some straight guy moves. That's the way I see it. Check the vid.

This could also be a HUGE joke by someone or even a HUGE joke by but who knows. I still believe it whether the vid is real or not.

From AllHipHop


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chrysler Saves Itself Again

Everyone remembers years back when Chrysler introduced their 300 model. Coined the "Hood Bentley" because of its frequent appearances in the hood tricked out with huge rims and flashy features and its large, fine mesh, bentley-esq grill, the car was the savior of Chrysler. Of course years later they still managed to fail (and got bailed out) but, in the moment the car served it's purpose.

Well Chrysler has done it again. Although this one isn't like a bentley, I'm sure we'll see it appear everywhere soon. The Chrysler 200C Hybrid/Electric. If didn't already notice, it has a Hybrid engine and a smooth interior. Click Read More to check out the pics. From Carscoop.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Been a Long Time

Sorry for another hiatus. It's been more than a week (almost two actually) but of course Black is back like Cooked crack aka. Sole PROP aka. Sole Proprietor aka. getitinohnine. Anyway, I got that 2008 wrap-up. I'm sorry its old as hell but anyway, blessed: