Friday, July 18, 2008

Nike Loves the Kids

Nike loves the kids! And the kids at heart that remember writing in those composition notebooks. If you still do that then I don't know what to tell you. I definitely stopped that in 5th grade. Here are the Grade School Dunks that Nike has released. Don't they remind you of the Composition Dunk Hi's and Elmers Glue 90's from last year? 


White Sausage on White Bread

No homo. Terry, our next Hyperdunk Recovery Center admit, explains his story of how he got his rep dusted by his buddy Leroy. Check out the next Hyperdunk testimony. These are so funny. I might even buy some to play in but I heard even Kobe didn't like them.


Nothing really intersting today

So this morning I did my usual rounds and found nothing really post worthy. So if the next few entries are crap, it's just an off day for the internet, fashion industry, sneaker industry, etc...


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nike Air Max 89 Olympic

If you know me deeply, you'd know that I'm a sucker for Air Max 89s. I was deeply upset when I went to NikeID and couldn't customize them with the special options and had to get a pair of 90s (which shipped today BTW!).

These 89s are kind of flashy. But I wear anything that looks cool to me. The Nike Olympic Air Max 1 pack comes with two metallic gold and silver sneakers with perforated uppers, white midsoles, leather lining, and glitter accent on the front. I'm going to turn heads with these he he.

Available on August 8th by Opening Ceremony at a 24 hour shop. More details later.

From HighSnobiety



No the title of this entry is not an error. I'm talking about Nas' new album, Untitled. I got it yesterday, the day after it came out from Best Buy. For 10 dollars of course. It's RARE that I actually buy a CD.

In 2007, I purchased ONE CD which was 8 Diagrams. This year so far I have purchased two CD's which have been The Bake Sale and Untitled (N*****) by Nas two very good CD's

With the flooding of the industry with crap such as Booty Meat, Ballin, etc... an album by my favorite MC is a breath of fresh air and the album proves to be just that although I am disappointed that "Be a N***** too" wasn't included on the album since that was the best song on "The N***** Tape."

Definitley a quality album... Please buy it and support real rap. And if you actually like the crap, at least support that gritty New York rap.


Milo + Nintendo's Mario = OMG

I know you guys all know about the Super Mario World series by Nintendo. I have my NES set up at home and still occasionally play Super Mario World as well as Super Mario World 3 sometimes. But that's besides the point.

In fashion news, The Asia based company A Bathing Ape has teamed up with yet another Asia based company, Nintendo, to make a Baby Milo and Mario collaboration. Too bad you can't get it because it will be available at Nigo's Fav Shop as well as Bape Kids. So chances are, if you're reading this you won't be getting it.

From Hypebeast


Reed Annex

According to FreshnessMag: Reed Space, known for releasing the Pigeon Dunk SB's which are now worth 1500+ still, has a secret space next to their current store called "Reed Annex". I have personally been to Reed Space multiple times and am interested in what is in store. Hopefully they open it before August 16th.

From Freshnessmag


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Diamond Legends Pack

Diamond will be releasing the Legends pack on Saturday at the Diamond Supply Co. store on Fairfax all the way in California. Only 30 of each shirt will be released. But that's besides the point because my favorite one is the Dr. J one. Check it. 30 more will be released online next week.

From C To The JL


New Era switches it up

New Era always has something in store to step the game up a little. And people wonder why they dominate the game. This new hat has velcro where the logo should be and comes with 4 colored patches to put there. So now you can switch it up whenever you go out. Of course the Yankees get the first shot at it.

From Strictly Fitteds


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nasty Nas again

Nas' album, Nas, releases today. I, personally, think that he used the whole Nigger fiasco to get publicity and I'm glad he did that because he really needs it. He needs to be heard. Excuse me if he did that really because he felt that way but either way, good. Let the best rapper alive be heard!

Pick up that album today, I'll probably post my thoughts on it later. Poison...



iPhone 3G jailbroken already

According to engadget, the iPhone 3G has already been jailbroken... Wow... This doesn't mean you can use it with T-mobile and even if you tried 3G wouldn't work. It just means that the filesystem can be accessed and 3rd party, 3rd party apps can be installed (no that wasn't a typo).

From Engadget


Diamond Supply Crooks Collab

The newest Diamond Supply co. and Crooks and Castles collaboration colorway is coming out tomorrow at Diamond Supply Co. This colorway is commonly seen on Gucci products and causes a weird effect on the eyes. Limited to 75 pieces so this will probably go fast.

from Nick of Diamond


Why Doesn't Jordan Brand Stop?

Because they're greedy as hell and know that anyone in the hood would buy these just because it's branded by Jordan. So instead of mellowing out when everything was good, they continued to destroy the prestige of the brand with crap like this. The Air Force Jordan VI fusion. I wouldn't be caught dead...

Picture is from

From Sneakernews


Marge Simpson

Nike is following up the release of a stellar shoe. The Homer SB. 4 years later these come out with the Marge Simpson colorway. That blue suede is butter right now... These released in Asia but I need a pair of these in my life.

Definitely a pickup

From Hypebeast


Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone goes Platinum

I am not surprised to say that Apple has sold over 1 Mil iPhone 3Gs in just one weekend and a friday of sales. The app store has logged over 10 Mil downloads. I'm sure those AIM and Facebook apps have contributed to the success of the app store. I know I got both of them.

I was part of it as I lined up from 9:30 to 2:00 to get my iPhone. I had no idea I was going to be on line that long and actually decided to go an hour after the 8:00 launch to "beat the crowd." I was greeted with a line down the hallway of the mall. I got the last iPhone at my store. It was a 16Gb white iPhone.

That white iPhone is where it's at, so many people sleep on it.



Nasty Nas

Nasty Nas is at it again. Between his album name controversy and his beef with Fox, Nas has been making a splash and hopefully reclaiming himself as one of the best rappers of all time. Who knows because nowadays if you aren't speaking like Lil' Wayne and kissing other men you are not cool to teenagers... Anyway, Nas is getting out in the fashion community with this shirt from Alife.

Available at Alife tomorrow on July 15th. Only 100 shirt and lighter packs are released.

Alife (212 375 8128)
158 Rivington Street
New York, NY

  From HighSnobiety


Asics Gel Lyte 3: Solebox

Solebox has put heads together with Asics to create these masterpieces. I've been a fan of purple ever since the Dinosaur Jrs and these definitely come correct with it. The purple and grey provide a mild contrast that I like because this means I don't actually need a purple shirt to wear with these. And the suede definitely is the closer for these.

I like seeing stores and companies collab with companies other than Nike sometimes. These only come out at Solebox.


It's Black's Life

Wow I have my own blog. How great. What I will be posting here is anything that interests me which would probably consist of sneakers, clothes, technology, and funny things. It's pretty simple. I also try to get funny pictures when I can.