Thursday, July 17, 2008


No the title of this entry is not an error. I'm talking about Nas' new album, Untitled. I got it yesterday, the day after it came out from Best Buy. For 10 dollars of course. It's RARE that I actually buy a CD.

In 2007, I purchased ONE CD which was 8 Diagrams. This year so far I have purchased two CD's which have been The Bake Sale and Untitled (N*****) by Nas two very good CD's

With the flooding of the industry with crap such as Booty Meat, Ballin, etc... an album by my favorite MC is a breath of fresh air and the album proves to be just that although I am disappointed that "Be a N***** too" wasn't included on the album since that was the best song on "The N***** Tape."

Definitley a quality album... Please buy it and support real rap. And if you actually like the crap, at least support that gritty New York rap.

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