Friday, December 12, 2008

Mighty Healthy - Holiday 2008

This is why I like Mighty Healthy. Besides being a New Yorker myself, Mighty Healthy makes clothing representing a lot of stuff that, if I made clothing too, I'd represent. This Holiday 2008 collection is a bit heavy and might not be for everyone but it has a message. A lot of stuff out there (even by our favorite brands) mean absolutely nothing. That means, the $30 you paid for that t-shirt didn't have the thought process behind it to warrant paying that much money. Smarten up. (I can't lie I do it too.)

Check out this Mighty Healthy 2008, and you can pick it up at or at their retailers. Click "Read More" for more pics.

Pics and info from C To The JL


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

EPMD in 2008 - We Mean Business

EPMD has been about their biz since before I was born. From Strickly Business to Back in Business, EPMD has been kicking out music that has helped define rap music and hip hop. EPMD is back from the 90s when they used to kick out hits like "Jane" and "Please Listen to my Demo" about adventures in New York City.

Their newest album, "We Mean Business," dropped yesterday to a generation of listeners who aren't quite familiar with who EPMD actually is and how their beats have been repeatedly sampled today. Whether the Soulja Boy generation will receive Eric and Parrish well is beyond me but pick that album up.


Brief Intermission

After being bombarded with, arguably, the most work I've ever been given; I'm back in action after a few weeks. It's funny because this week is finals week. We'll see but I've got some stuff for the readers!

Check back later today and tomorrow.

The Undrgrnd is dropping soon also!