Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cardan ft. Swizz Beats and Red Cafe - Billion Dollar Shift

Hot song. Off that DJ White Owl - Drop That 33 Mixtape.

Pick that mixtape up.


Purple Flightposite 1

Remember when purple wasn't cool? They flamed the purple telletubby for being a flamer... But now it's cool. So check out these purple Flightposite 1s, which will be releasing on October 11th. They feature a purple gradient upper and the usual zipper top with black lining and black midsole. And there's some grey in there. October 11th.
From Sneakerfiles


New Era goes into Politics

New Era is quite the versatile brand because it seems the company adapts to anything going on in society and the industry, more specifically. As we all know, 2008 is a big year for politics and this is one of the most publicized presidential elections. New Era is into politics? Yes. The company has made hats to suit your personal preference (the real question is how many they made more of ha ha). Democrat? Boom, we got your donkey on the front of a blue hat. Republican? Boom, we got your Elephant on the front of a red hat. I guess if you're into politics, this is one of the few ways to let em know, or maybe impress a girl by striking up intellectual conversation. Click "Read More" for more pics.
From Strictly Fitteds


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Mighty Healthy Fall 08

Mighty Healthy, which happens to be quite a mighty healthy brand based out of The City (New York City), has slowly been rolling out their Fall 08 stuff. It's starting to pop up everywhere. These are quality products (if they weren't why would I post them?) and fall in line with the same Mighty Healthy persona of designs with a point. One Anthem has stocked it so check it out at One Anthem. Click "Read More" for more pics. Use DISCOUNT CODE BK208 for 20% off.

From Mighty Healthy / One Anthem


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Commonwealth and Stussy Collab

Stussy has been around for a LONG time. Since the 80's, it's even seen on "Saved By The Bell." Just a fun fact for everyone. Anyway, my favorite out of state boutique Commonwealth has done another collaboration t-shirt with Stussy. The shirt has the Stussy signature font around a graphic from the 1968 Olympics where Tommie Smith and John Carlos protested for their people (see picture. OUR people). It's clean nonetheless and comes in black or white. It's been available in DC and VA on location since the 19th but will release online tomorrow, Spetember 22nd at

From Cmonwealth


Termanology ft. Bun B - How We Rock

If you know one thing about me, it's that I'm a rap fan. I listen to it all, Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, Jazz, etc... But if you check my iPod, it's straight rap in my daily rotation. I consider myself well versed. I haven't heard a song as smooth as this one in a long time. Termanology teams up with Bun B on this one to bring rap back to what it should be. When i saw Bun was on the track I knew it would be legit. The beat on this one is crafted by the world famous, legendary, DJ Premier. If you don't know that name then you are not a fan of rap and you might as well buy the Soulja Boy album and clear your iPod of anything that resembles legitimate rap. Check this out. Termanology album in stores September 30th. Politics as Usual.

From HypeTrak