Saturday, September 20, 2008

Diamond Supply Co. FItteds - Tuesday

It's that time again. Another Diamond Supply Co. release. This is hot, although I'd rather see my Mighty Healthy X Diamond collab tee. These hats will do for now though. Here, we've got a collaboration between Diamond Supply Co and Estate LA, an LA connection. Don't be disappointed when you get the hat and you see it's not a New Era. Estate makes good hats that are pretty much on the same level as New Era. Take my word for it. See the picture below. Drops Tuesday September 23rd at 12:00PM PST @

From Diamond / Hypebeast


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Benny Gold 5 Panels

Now, I'm no man for a 5-Panel hat. Actually, I feel they look slightly feminine. But, I can recognize quality in design and craftsmanship. These 5-Panel hats by Benny Gold have it. Although I personally wouldn't rock a 5 panel, these still are hot and deserve exposure. They're made out of ticking fabric and have gold accents. Enough said. Check the picture, click the link.
From Benny Gold Daily


Huf - Fall / Winter pt. 2

Huf previewed some of their Fall / Winter stuff a while back. Then, they said "oh hell no, we're not stopping here" and previewed even more stuff. Right here I present to you some Huf t-shirts for the fall as well as their outerwear. Huf definitely brings things up to the next level with their outerwear by doing things most other brands in this circle do not do. Coming with leather bombers and pea coats is a bold move. Check out the pics below and await a release date. From Huf.
From Huf - Click here for more pics also.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Rogue Status Fall / Winter at One Anthem

California Boutique, One Anthem, has recently stocked the newest Rogue Status line, consisting of mostly t-shirts and crew necks. Included in the collection is three new colorways of the Gunshow tee. The collection has been out since yesterday at One Anthem so as for stock, I'm not sure... Check it out on One Anthem.

From One Anthem