Thursday, August 14, 2008

Labels 1 Year sale

Browsing the depths of Hypebeast forums, Labels has posted their sale. Labels stocks some prominent brands such as The Hundreds, 10Deep, and Rogue Status. All the information is below.

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ALIFE G-Shock ~ Three 6 Mafia

You know I gotta include the blurb before I introduce every product in my entries. We all know about Alife's sessions with major artists in their courtyard. When they had their Three Six Mafia session, they also collaborated with Casio to release this G-Shock DW-5600E. The watch is also limited to 100 pieces. Aside from coming in a custom commemorative package, the watch also features the Alife logo on the band as well as an Alife sessions logo on the back. The watch will be sold exclusively at Alife NYC. A t-shirt to go along with it will be available at all Alife locations. More pics if you click "Read More"

Available Saturday August 16th for $200 dollars

From Alife NYC


Kaws (Original Fake) and New Era

Everyone remembers when Bape came out with the Chompers and everyone was sucking them. Not literally though. Well the Kaws chomper teeth pattern is familiar. We've seen it on shirts, hoodies, sneakers, and now a hat. This hat is pretty cool if you're familiar with Original Fake by renowned artist Kaws. It features the teeth pattern along the bottom of the fitted, all the way around. And it's available at my favorite shop (sorry guys), Commonwealth.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Crooks and Castles at Commonwealth

I took a look at my favorite site today: Commonwealth. They have stocked the new Crooks and Castles line consisting of t-shirts, hoodies, and even V-Necks. The line looks like a typical Crooks line and this time we're seeing a lot of black and white. But what would the Crooks be without the grittiness? Click "Read More" to see more pictures.

From Commonwealth


Air Max 95 Re-release: Chili

Nike Sportswear is making moves, re-releasing classic kicks such as the Neon 95s and these. These Chili 95s have been popping up at Footaction and Sneakerfiles reports that there's only 12 per store. The sneakers feature the normal Red, grey and black, colorway.

From Bridge Footwear via Sneakerfiles


Phelps is the Truth pt. 2

Well I said it before and I'll say it again, Phelps is the truth. Sure it's easy to check out all the nice looking girls who do gymnastics but at the same time you have to respect what this guy does in the pool. Today, Phelps beat the record of Mark Spitz for most Gold Medals won overall with 11 medals. Previously Spitz held the record from 1972 in Munich where he also won 7 medals in that one Olympiad. Phelps has 5 as of today so he might be able to catch Spitz's 7 record also. Check him out on NBC.

From the Associated Press


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Hundreds at Purist ~ Fall 08

The Hundreds' Fall 08 collection has been getting a lot of coverage in the fashion world. Today, Purist Boutique launched it, complete with fitteds, t-shirts, and trucker caps. It's in California though, and I'm not sure if they do phone orders.

66 South First Street
San Jose, CA
(408) 920-6603

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Michael Phelps is the truth

I guess we'll expand to sports now. Everyone today is caught up with LeBron James, Kobe, Brett Favre, etc... But with the Olympics here, people don't realize that Michael Phelps is the truth in the water and possibly outside of it too. It's not hard to tell because dude is breaking records everytime he enters the pool in Beijing. Today, Michael Phelps tied the record for most winning Olympian ever. He sits with Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz with 10 gold medals so far. The record is for most Gold Metals overall. And he's got 2 more finals races to go tomorrow. Personally, I'm glad to say I could see the most winning Olympian compete. There's no doubt in anybody's mind after his record-breaking performance in the 200M today that he can get 11 and maybe even 12 medals. In 2004 he lost one race. He's also going after Mark Spitz record for 7 medals in one Olympiad.

If you weren't keeping up, you should because dude is from B-More, loves decked out cars and rap music. Respect due.

From ABC News


Monday, August 11, 2008

Nike and New Era

Wow I'm a little late today. Nothing going on as of late. College coming up. Dam. Well right here we have a collab from two companies that you would think would be more likely to collab but are not. Nike and New Era have collaborated, by means of DJ Clark Kent of Brooklyn to create a fitted. Each Nike and New Era both dominate their own industries so this collab holds a lot of weight. The Fitted features "AF-1" embroidered on the front in various colors. Click "Read More" to see more pics.

From Strictly Fitteds


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sneaker Pimps NYC 10.10.08

Sneaker Pimps is coming to the greatest city in the world! What a freaking combo. Performing live will be Ghostface Killah, The Clipse, The Beanuts, Funkmaster Flex, and DJ Clark Kent. The usual buy sell trade will be going on as well as a live skate demonstration by the Ice Cream skate team. Many artists installations by guys like Stash, Futura, and Cope 2 will be there also. Tickets are $18 and the party is for 18+ strictly. I'll be there representing The Clean Clothing Co. Click "Read More" for more information about Sneaker Pimps.

Sneaker Pimps is a familiar name in the sneaker industry. Sneaker Pimps is the worlds largest traveling sneaker and hip-hop show out there. Sneaker Pimps not only brings the best artists out including people like Nas, Ghostface Killah, Bun B, Biz Markie, The Cool Kids, The Clipse, Public Enemy and many more. It's legit, is what I'm trying to say. They've had live streetball presentations, skateboarding, customizing, etc... Many premium, exclusive, and custom sneakers are unveiled. They've had artists such as Futura, Stash, and Methamphibian.


I'm Soled Out! September

New York City heads, Soled Out is back. Soled Out is a sneaker and clothing buy/sell/trade event that takes place in New York City. You can go with some cash to buy kicks or you can go with your kicks to trade or even get a table. Last time, I found Flint XIIIs for 80 dollars as well as Mork and Mindys for 130. The DJ was ridiculous. So good. And there was breakdancing. THE LEGENDARY BIRD MAN (and I'm not talking about Lil' Wayne's butt buddy). Check it out

From Soled Out NYC


Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes ~ Who's Next

They say death comes in threes. Amid the Infrared Air Max 90s and Clientele tees, this weekend has been somber. America, the world, have lost two great people. Bernard "Bernie Mac" Jeffrey McCullough, age 50, died on Saturday of Pneumonia. The Chicago native, one of the Original Kings of Comedy, and family man on the "Bernie Mac" show may have had a rare autoimmune disorder play a part in causing Pneumonia to lead him to his death. He will be missed.

Today, Sunday, this afternoon, Tennesssee native soul singer Isaac Hayes died at age 65. What's with these guys dying young? Isaac was found by his wife unconscious beside a treadmill in his Memphis home. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead at 2:08Pm. Having gotten his start at age 5 in a church, Isaac Hayes is known for being one of the most legendary soul singers of all time, Shaft, the voice of the chef on South Park, and being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Having had health issues in the past including a Stroke in 2006, Hayes was sometimes unsteady in public. Once again, he will be missed.

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Clientele New Shirts

SoHo boutique Clientele, known for their "Clientele" t-shirts and cool kicks, has released new "Clientele" t-shirts. One t-shirt features the Gucci 3 stripe colorway with Clientele in jersey script over it. The other one has cement print. Pick them up for $24 at Clientele:

267 Lafayette Street
New York, NY
(212) 219-0531

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