Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Michael Phelps is the truth

I guess we'll expand to sports now. Everyone today is caught up with LeBron James, Kobe, Brett Favre, etc... But with the Olympics here, people don't realize that Michael Phelps is the truth in the water and possibly outside of it too. It's not hard to tell because dude is breaking records everytime he enters the pool in Beijing. Today, Michael Phelps tied the record for most winning Olympian ever. He sits with Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz with 10 gold medals so far. The record is for most Gold Metals overall. And he's got 2 more finals races to go tomorrow. Personally, I'm glad to say I could see the most winning Olympian compete. There's no doubt in anybody's mind after his record-breaking performance in the 200M today that he can get 11 and maybe even 12 medals. In 2004 he lost one race. He's also going after Mark Spitz record for 7 medals in one Olympiad.

If you weren't keeping up, you should because dude is from B-More, loves decked out cars and rap music. Respect due.

From ABC News

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