Friday, August 29, 2008

Watermelon Hats! Wow!

A lot of brands have been stepping it up as of late by coming out with unseen things. I'm not saying I'd actually rock a watermelon hat, don't get me wrong. it's definitely not my steez. Estate LA is known for their fitteds, and it's only fitting that this would be releasing. A Watermelon hat. But... Here's the kicker... If you remember the tearaway vandals that came out a while back, they use the same tearaway style. If you are a sneaker-fool, tearaway is where there are two layers and after the first one gets cut or worn away, a new layer is under that with a whole new graphic. Here, we have green watermelon on the outside and inside nice and red with seeds. Creative. Only 24 will be available on August 31st on the Estate LA website From Hypebeast

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