Thursday, August 21, 2008

NikeiD Air Force 1

Back in the days before NikeiD moved to Niketown on 57th and 5th and it was at 255 Elizabeth, you needed an invite to even get in. They held a monthly raffle and gave out two I think. You could bring one other person with you and they got an invite and so did you when you visited (so you could come back). If you were lucky enough to even get an invite, you still couldn't customize any shoe. Dunks and Air Maxes were allowed as well as some other ugly shoes but Air Force 1s were limited to celebrities and VIP only.

I guess that's history because today, you can customize Air Forces on Nike Sportswear. There's a plethora of materials to use, even patent leather. However, they have limited quantities to a certain number per day. So get them early. And remember, Beaverton is in Oregon and there's a time difference. Hint Hint.

From Nike Sportswear

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