Friday, May 1, 2009

50¢ Responds to Rick Ross the "Bawss" selling 158,000

The numbers came in on Wednesday. Neilsen Soundscan is reporting that Rick Ross has moved 158,000 copies of "Deeper Than Rap" (sorry Ricky I pirated it and loved every minute of it). What's even more alarming is that this sold more than Jadakiss' "The Last Kiss" which sold around 150,000. "Deeper Than Rap" debuted at number 1. That's freaking right. Number 1.

Then came the whole scandal about Ross dissing Eminem, then Banks (bitchass) getting involved... Whatever the drama may be, Eminem is trash and Ross called him a "honkey"... Big deal. It's between 50 and Ross so I actually agree they should leave Eminem out of it. I digress (did I use that right?).

Check the video to see how Fif feels. Doesn't seem like he caught any feelings. That would be too easy...

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