Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Talks Lil' Wayne and Kissing on the Lips

Baby speaks on being gay *cough* *cough* I mean... Kissing Wayne on the lips back in 2002.

Now he goes "That's my son. If he was right here I'd kiss him again". What is up with all this open flaming homosexuality in the rap community from Kanye to Baby and Wayne... Now, homosexuality, whatever. FLAMING homosexuality I think is inappropriate in ANY setting because it's over the top and that's the point where you're forcing something on other people.

Keep in mind, Wayne isn't really his son (in blood). If anything, that relationship is something that was built through music and entertainment... So the kissing on the lips means there's something behind the scenes going on. Someone dig up the medical records like they did to Pac...

Verdict: Wayne and Baby are both gay. Kanye gets called gay by default (sorry ye).

From NahRight

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