Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Jetsons x 2010

Well this has nothing to do with flying cars, sorry. But soon there will be conversations like this Thanks to GM:

Boss: "Tucker, you're late"
Tucker: "Sorry Mr. Thompson, I had to take the bus today"
Boss: "Why is that? Don't you have that new fangled car"
Tucker: "I forgot to plug it in after I came back from the bar last night"

GM is down in the dumps right now since they can't seem to make gas friendly cars. Foreign automakers Honda and Toyota are cleaning up the market with cars like the Civic and Prius and Camry. GM has teamed up with the Electric Power Research Institute and 30 utilities in 37 states to produce a charging infrastructure for electric cars that can be put in parking garages, curbside meters, backyards, etc... Of course it will have to be child safe or else there will be a lot of smoking babies.

From Engadget

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