Thursday, April 23, 2009

GTA for iPhone? No. It's Car Jack Streets (coming soon)

There are MILLIONS of iPhones out there in the world... Apple is approaching 1 Billion applications sold through their App Store. However, we haven't seen any action games reminiscent of the GTA 1 and 2 we saw on systems like the PS1 and the Gameboy. However, a small company out of Europe has solved the problem. I present to you, Car Jack Streets...

The Game is about Randal Myers, who turns to gambling and racks up a 1 million dollar debt that he must repay to the mob. With the assistance of his Uncle Murphy, Randal must repay Mob Boss Frankie $50,000 every week.

Getting money is almost the same as GTA where you complete odd-jobs such as driving taxis, hits, stealing cars, delivering pizza, etc... You even get police stars and everything. The cops come after you. And there's flamethrowers. In addition, the game takes place in real time, so 9PM in your world is 9PM in the game. And there are missions that can only be completed at certain times. Maybe you get to pimp some hoes if you play at 3AM. Who knows...

The game is set to release any day now and should be out before May 1st but could be out as soon as Sunday. It will be available in the Apple iTunes App Store for $4.99

Click "Read More" for screenshots from the Game. And watch the videos below.

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