Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm A Trend Setter

Most people don't do this. But I'm not a real "blogger". I'm going to give you my blog roll. Why? Because I don't care if you know my sources and I want you to be up on all the other good stuff they post on their sites. I frequent:

All Hip Hop -> Shout out to illseed with the rumors. Make sure you hit up the Ill Community
Nah Right -> NahRight got mad videos
Rap Radar -> New site but they got the drop on the latest info
SOHH -> Pretty much the same as All Hip Hop
Real Talk NY -> More info
Smarten Up Nas -> Nas is the GOAT but this site got good info
Rosenberg Radio -> Pete Rosenberg stay around NYC so much props to him

Carscoop -> Car info for all brands
BMW Blog -> Strictly BMW

Sneakers / Clothing

Sneaker Files -> Sneakers
Sole Collector -> Sneakers
ISS Forums -> Sneaker Forum
Hypebeast -> Clothing and Sneakers
HighSnobiety -> Clothing and Sneakers
The Hundreds -> The Hundreds and other industry info
C To The JL -> Sneakers, Clothing, industry info

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