Monday, April 6, 2009

Air Yeezy: Beyond the Hype

If you know something about anything, you know that the Nike x Kanye West collaboration "Air Yeezy" sneakers released in one colorway this past weekend at a premium price of $215 dollars. People lined up for these. People resold these for more money. People went crazy about these.

Check out this vid by Davy Greenberg about what transcended this weekend.

Also, click "Read More" to see my own commentary on what I think about these kicks.

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The Air Yeezy is one of the most expensive Nike sneakers as far as retail goes. At a price of $215, these beat out Foamposites as well as Air Jordan XVII's which came with a small suitcase and the Spiz'Ikes (If i can remember correctly).

Of course I'm going to go ahead and say, these were sold on the name alone. Kanye West, being the presence he is in the music industry (as gay as he may seem), holds name recognition. These were super-hyped. Although I like them aesthetically, I hate the fact that they're selling the name of an artist I don't even like. But hey... Who am I do discredit their marketing...

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